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IkHa Restaurant
Filmhuis Den Haag 12 may -12 july 2012

This temporary restaurant, ‘IkHa’, is the latest creation of Oatmeal Studio, who were
asked to create a temporary interior for the restaurant based on the the theme ‘Ikea
Hack’ to coincide with the Nordic Film Festival.

IkHa is a dining experience in which the concept of IKEA has been dismantled and
translated into a restaurant interior. It?s not a self-service restaurant in the usual sense
of the word. Instead, visitors are invited to participate and customize their surroundings
while dining.

IkHa is based on the showroom of IKEA itself. A maze of shelves and rooms to
navigate, often multiple times as one reconsiders their choices, and then arrives home
with their flat-packed goods to begin the assembly process.

Guests fill in their ordering forms with pencils and dinner is served on trays, delivered to
the furniture construction at which they?ve chosen to sit. Visitors can create their table
setting from a selection of materials and cut their own tablecloth or placemat from a
selection of wallpapers, ready to measure and cut.

One of IKEA slogans is “Big ideas for small spaces”, an important aspect of the IkHa
restaurant. Everything is collapsible and fold-able and when not in use can be quickly
broken down to fit within a two square meter space. This makes it ideal for temporary
solutions, events, and festivals.

The IkHa restaurant is situated in the Filmhuis den Haag, in the Hague (NL)
until 12 th of july 2012.

After this date it´s possible to rent the IkHa restaurant,
please contact us for more details.

FYI IKEA was not involved in this project.

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