Oatmeal Studio

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Hangende moestuin, ZAAL5, Filmhuis Den Haag,
mei t/m augustus 2011

Oatmeal Studio were asked to make an architectonic interference in the space for the summer restaurant of Filmhuis den Haag.

What more can you wish for in the summer than eating out in the nature under the trees.
Inspired by summer feelings, the seven world wonders we descided to make a hanging vegetable garden.
Hereby not only Oatmeal Studio visualized the connection between production and consumption, they gave the guest a new eating experience.
With the view of the skyline of the Hague guest where surrounded by the hanging garden.
Zucchini, and tomato plants, fig and apple trees, strawberry and gooseberry plants and all kind of herbs hang on different heights in the space.
Guest where invited to enrich their meal with fresh herbs, or pick a strawberry.
And not unimportant in the Netherlands- it was possible to enjoy an outdoor experience on an evening less citable for this.

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