Oatmeal Studio

Copyright 2011-2012

Oatmeal Studio is an interior design and styling studio of Rosa Dalle Vedove and Annika Syrjämäki
The designers are graduates of the Graphic Design and Textile Design programs at the Royal Academy of Art and Design in The Hague, Netherlands.

Rosa has worked as a graphic designer for a variety of clients in the Netherlands and abroad.
Annika has worked in several design fields including costume design, film-set design, and conceptual textile design.

Their approach is informed by several design traditions including the conceptual and playful qualities of Dutch design, the clean, pure style of Scandinavia, and the elegant drama of Italy, the combination of which contributes to their unique vision.

Their collaborative efforts have produced a productive partnership which recently received a great deal of international attention with their IkHa restaurant design.

Oatmeal Studio loves a challenge, and seeks to make the most of any design opportunity, often using simple means to maximize the potential of any space. Rosa and Annika are fascinated by the interaction between individuals and spaces, and designing the experience of exchange between them.
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